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Male Infertility Treatment in Chennai
9/2/2016 11:56:02 AM
If you are looking into infertile Best Infertility Treatment in Chennai treatment options, you have found a great article to get you started. Today, I will be providing a brief overview of the various infertile treatment options on the market today.

Infertile Treatment Drugs:

There are many infertility drugs on the market today, however, 2 of the more common drugs are gonadotropins and clomiphene. These drugs, work to regulate the hormones related to reproduction, and have the ability to trigger the release of eggs during your ovulation cycle. These infertile treatment drugs are usually taken for around 3 to 6 months before conception or before moving onto another infertile treatment option.

Infertility drugs side effects:

Gonadotropins have been known to cause bloating, rashes, and soreness. Clomiphene can result in hot flashes, vision issues, headaches, vaginal dryness, and cramping. Also, both of these drugs can increase the chance that you will conceive multiple babies.

Infertility Drug Success Rate: These drugs usually having anywhere from a 20% to a 60% success rate in infertile women.

Infertile Treatment drugs Cost: A prescription of Clomiphene can cost you at least $55 a month, and this figure is not including your doctor's visits, and ovary ultrasounds. Injections of gonadotropin can cost anywhere from $2500 to $5000 monthly (this figure includes tests and doctor visits).

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