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Count down to Friday 2nd September -- First Healing Hangout at Angel Cuddle Cafe
8/31/2016 4:38:22 PM
I'm excited to say that the count down has begun. The first Healing Hangout will broadcast on Friday 2nd September...

Angel Cuddle Cafe

A Healthy, Happy You means a Prosperous and Wealthy You.

Are you ready for your perfect life, and to transform your reality in every way possible?

Whatever you are facing right now, you can turn it around, or have a magnificent breakthrough in your life.

I have created a safe haven for you to mix with like-hearted supportive souls;

Join Angel Cuddle Cafe

Each Friday, I will be hosting a Healing Hangout, with a wonderful lineup of spiritual teachers, Angel Cuddlers (as I consider them) who will be sharing “spiriti-practical” tools, teachings and wisdom with you, empowering you for a better life.

Only you can heal yourself and my guest speakers will show you how. Each guest speaker will be sharing a Free gift with you, along with special offers especially put together for Angel Cuddle Cafe members. The first Healing Hangout with Lisa Barnett is broadcasting from Friday 2nd September 2016.

Your mission is to make real and long-lasting positive change in your life!

Become a member now and…

· * Live on purpose – Value yourself and shine!

· * Heal yourself.

· * Manifest your desires.

· * Be the hero you truly are.

· * Commit your life to your true dream.

· * Change your money story – Open the flow of the potent experiences your heart is yearning for. Life is an adventure, not a test.

· * Be joyfully and lovingly unstoppable!

So, don’t delay. Join Angel Cuddle Cafe today!

Registration is Free.

Watching/Listening is Free.

Free gifts abound.

Experience Initiations/Healings/Activations/Transmissions/Spiritual Support…

Angel cuddles,


P.S. For access to all the life-transforming Hangouts you just have to register HERE

You will instantly receive a welcome gift pack with some of my angel-inspired mandalas for colouring therapy (stress relief and pleasure), an e-book on improving your self-worth, along with a channeled meditation and transmission audio.

Enjoy the gifts and partake of the very special offers. It is time… Let’s have fun on this empowering journey.

The first Healing Hangout guests include:

Lisa Barnett, Michelle Carter, Patrick Prohaska, Alain Deguire

Angel Cuddle Cafe Empowering You to Live with Ease in Love, Joy and Abundance Angel Cuddle Publishing Angel Cuddle Trails Click here with your ghostwriting needs
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