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Why Do We As Americans Love Italian And Chinese Foods So Much?
8/29/2016 2:36:37 PM
Many view Americans as rather bland meat-and-potato diners, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the citizens in this country really do love to consume a variety of different dishes and ethnic foods, and these definitely include Italian and Chinese foods. So what do they find so appealing about these types of menu items? Consider the following reasons:

Americans are used to having almost anything they want or need at their fingertips. This includes the foods they consume. There are so many different menu items from so many cultures that can often be found within a fifteen-minute drive from a home if an individual lives in a large city or suburban area. Even if you live in a small town or in the country, grocery stores carry frozen versions of these meals, and also most of the ingredients needed to prepare them are readily available either locally or online.

The textures of these ethnic foods is so different from standard American fare. Chinese vegetables are very unique, and they have a crunch and taste to them that are unfamiliar but very tasty to American diners. The smooth texture of pasta, whether it be in lasagne, spaghetti, linguini, or any other Italian meal is enticing and very easy to prepare and consume, especially when it is served with tasty Alfredo, pesto, or marinara sauces. Familiar items such as chicken take on a new life when prepared as chicken Parmigiana or sweet and sour chicken.

Italian and Chinese foods have very distinct and different flavors. Once an individual gets used to eating these items or dining at these restaurants, they will begin to crave the tastes of one or both of these regularly. Orange chicken, a great Caesar salad, stuffed pasta shells, won ton soup, or fried rice all have very original and intense flavors that appeal to the masses. Many of these formerly strange and unusual dishes have made their way into the regular cuisine of the average American family. Chinese food travels easily and is especially popular as a takeout item.

One of the very best things about these types of foods is that they fill you up very quickly. Your hunger pangs are gone within minutes of beginning a meal of either of these types of foods. Spaghetti, an international favorite, will make the average person feel very full after just one serving. The steamed or fried rice and egg rolls served with Chinese fare will also help a diner feel very satisfied very quickly.

Both of these ethnic food categories can be very healthy. Many Italian dishes are made with heart-healthy olive oil, and Italian meals contain many fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes. Chinese foods contain many types of vegetables, some of which are somewhat unfamiliar to the general population, but are enjoyed despite this. They also contain lean meats such as chicken and beef, and many types of seafood such as shrimp, squid, and lobster.

Eye Appeal
In addition to all of the other popular features, these food items are very visually appealing. The brilliant tomato sauces of many favorites, the glistening orange glaze on chicken, fresh vegetables, and green salads will attract many diners just by the sight of a prepared plate or buffet.

Ease of Preparation
Most Chinese or Italian recipes are very simple to prepare and use the same basic ingredients. Someone wishing to cook or bake one of these dishes would find them very easy and quick to make. Many of the ingredients are common household items such as white rice and pasta.

As is very evident, these foods will always be a favorite at the American table. They provide so much to the diets of the general public, and are always greatly enjoyed by all. Many who become fans of these diets will also enlarge their culinary tastes by enjoying other types of Asian food as well as other dishes such as Greek and Turkish meals.

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