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Why Direct Mail Works So Much Better Than Internet Marketing.
8/23/2016 11:46:51 PM

As you have probably discovered making money on the Internet is not as easy as it is cracket up to be. Some people do make some money, and some of them make a whole lot of it. However, you might not know that those who are making the most money on the Internet are not people like you and others here who are promoting one Network Marketing (MLM) Company or another.

There is way too much competition here where everyone is trying to recruit everyone else into their opportunity for you to ever be very successful finding people to join you in your business. The people who make the real money on the Internet are those who sell various “How To Do It” systems and business building programs to people like you! Don’e fall for it. There is a much better and easier way to do it.

Why Direct Mail Is The Way To Go!

Although, after you read this next paragraph, you might not think so. Stay with me after that for a minute and I will tell you about something that is working big time right now!

The Time & Money paragraph.

If you want to get into direct mail marketing, you will have to spend some money to get it started. You will need some good promotional materials, An envelope; a well written sales letter; a post card; or a flyer and a good mailing list. And all of that does cost money. After you have all of that, you will also have to take some time to stick the labels and stamps on there, fold it up and put it in the envelope, seal it and drop it in the mail. All of that does take time. However, it can pay off big time! ... if you have something worth going to all that time and expense to do.


One of the really good things about it is that people can see it and touch it. This is more personal. They have your envelope or postcard in their hand. Not like one of the many YouTube videos out there promoting one opportunity or another. Many of them probably will take the time to look it over.

Time Freedom Rings is working big time right now!

My ID# is E1331

The really good thing about it is that fact that the company already has all that stuff I mentioned in the Time & Money paragraph. You get postcards, a flyer and a really good sales letter, and some opportunity buyers mailing labels in your Start-up kit, so you can be all set up and ready to go right away. You will still have to take some time to stick the labels and stamps on there, fold it up and put it in the envelope, seal it and drop it in the mail.

One question before I stop.

If all of that is so good, why am I promoting here?

And the answer to that question is, I am waiting on some more postcards to arrive in the mail. I got 150 with my Start-up Kit when I signed up. I have already mailed those and will mail 500 of them during this next week. That and because I like a challenge. Even though it is hard to get anyone here to pay attention to a Business Announcement, I want to find at least one more here. I did find one. He just got his Start-Up Pak and absolutely loves it!

I would like to be your sponsor in

Time Freedom Rings

Don Evans


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