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If This Does Not Work For You?
8/19/2016 9:26:18 AM
If this program does not work for you, it is not:

1. Because we don’t have a good product. We do. The unique thing about that is the fact that you don’t ever have to buy that product to earn maximum commissions. People order it when and if they want to.

2. Because we don’t have an honest, trustworthy, UP FRONT Administrator to manage the program. We do. Scott Beals is not hiding behind some website. He is right there where you can call him at any time with any questions you might have. And the Customer Service he provides is the very best.

3. Because the compensation plan is cumbersome and hard to understand. It is not. Our plan is easy to understand. We have a Unileval pay plan that pays out $50 on 3 levels. Checks are mailed out Daily, and Weekly. Plus we have the profit sharing pool which pays out on the 5th of each month. You need to sponsor two people in any given month to qualify for the profit sharing pool.

4. Because we do not have an easy to duplicate marketing system that anyone can follow. We do. You can talk to people and invite them watch the YouTube videos, and/or, you can send them directly
You can mail postcards. You can mail Flyers. Or you can mail letters and include the postcard & the flyer in the envelope. We have the cover letter already written for you. All you have to do is replace my name and ID# with yours and you are ready to make some copies and start mailing.

5. Because you do not have a good UPLINE team to help you be successful with the program. You do. I have known my sponsor, Lon Lindsey, for 18 years. He and I worked together on several projects back in the day. He has more than 30 years experience in direct mail marketing. The cover letter, I use, I got from him. I am sure he will be developing new promotional material as we go along too. Actually, I have a really nice 3 page brochure that he put together that I would like for you to see. It’s called - The Art of Building a Business
The Way Network Marketing Was Meant To Be. With the sub-title - What to Expect From Mailing Your Offer/Opportunity to Others?

So, with all of that going for you, the only reason this plan is not working for you is because you have not signed up and started working he plan. You can do that from either of the links below. You will need my ID#. That is E1331.
OR - 5050fifty

Get signed up now, and respond to this to let me know you want a copy of Lon’s brochure and I will send you a copy of it through the mail.
I am running out of room on the page. Get signed up now!

Don Evans

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