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Wow! Time Freedom Rings Is Where You Want To Be!
8/17/2016 10:54:54 AM

I am in the process of helping a friend of mine (Scott Beals) launch a new program that has some very exciting benefits and features. I consider "MAKING MONEY" to be the real product when it comes to mail order and that is why I chose to help Scott launch his new program.

Rarely do any of us get a chance to be one of the first few hundred or so people in a new company that has multi-million dollar potential. Right now, you have that chance. This will be a VERY HOT fast-moving program and is worth your time to take a serious look if you want to earn $5,000 to $10,000 in the next few months.

This program is geared for all kinds of people when it comes to promoting it. You have a choice of using highly professional and highly effective postcards or utilizing a letter/flyer format or using email sending people to a website OR all three! The choice is yours.

Low start-up cost ($25) Receive 50 postcards and leads with your welcome kit.
Three levels of $25, $50 or $75 commissions so you can earn SERIOUS money (even with just two or three people sponsored through the 3 levels).

Profit sharing pool can earn you thousands in EXTRA income beyond the 3 levels.
Membership offers REAL value, success strategies, true wholesale prices, and much more.

Turn-key marketing systems and sales funnels are in place to help you succeed!
No autoship required and no computer needed (ingenious residual income system).
DAILY & WEEKLY PAY - commission checks are mailed out the next business day for Stage 2 signups and weekly for Stage 1 signups! The company closes sales for you by phone and even takes credit cards!

We all know there are many programs on the market, but none of them offer such an impressive list of benefits along with a professional website and a turn-key system. This is built for FAST GROWTH and long-term success.

I highly recommend you jump on this and go "full-throttle" to start a flow of commissions that can grow to thousands. Being "first in" is a huge advantage so take action now to secure your position.

I am asking you if you will let me be your sponsor in 50/50/Fifty. Go to
(enter ID#: E1331). That's me.
NOTE: If that link does not work here at AdlandPro, just copy and paste it into your browser to get to the website.

Don Evans
P.S: The company phone number is 559-825-6755.
Please call that number if you have questions.
Some Tube Videos To Show You Exactly How It Works.
One way to fully understand this program is to go to YouTube and search for "TimeFreedomRings" . There are several videos there. The first video will come automatically. That is "Time Freedom Rings". Watch that. It runs about 5 minutes. Then look to the right on the YouTube screen and you will see several more. Look for: (1) Founders Message - (2) What’s in the kit - and (3) Money4U2. That last one talks about Stage 2. That is a cost of $199.95, and that is where you want to be eventually because you can earn a whole lot more that way. However, we do have a $25 option for those who cannot afford to spend that much money right now. That is Stage 1. You can always upgrade later.

Or you can simply click on this link to watch those videos:

How Do You Sponsor New People?
You can invite people to watch the YouTube videos. Scott Beals, the Admin is an honest, straight-forward kind of guy. That comes across in those videos and he does a real good job of explaining how this works. And/or, you can send them to the website: You can mail postcards. You can mail Flyers. Or you can mail letters and include the postcard, the flyer and this page in the envelope. If you need mailing labels for people to mail to, see the Special Bonus Offer Below.

Special Bonus Offer For You

As a “THANK YOU” for participating in 50/50/fifty, we have a SPECIAL BONUS for you! My upline sponsor has a good source of “buyer leads” and he is making those leads available to those who participate in 50/50/fifty. These are proven buyers of other programs or opportunities and are a prime source of possible participants in this program. These leads normally sell for $15/100. We want to help you get started by having him send you 200 leads for only $10. You can use this same Bonus Offer in your mailings too! Once he confirms your participation with Scott Beals , he will send you 200 of those buyers leads. Just fill in the information below and send this SPECIAL BONUS OFFER to him. Mail to:
JAN-L Marketing, Inc. 9805 Tamarisk Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40223.
Name __________________________________________________________________
Addreess _______________________________________________________________
City _________________________ State _________________ Zip Code _______

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