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Welcome to Network Marketing Education
8/14/2016 2:56:15 PM

Why I am Here

Hello everyone and welcome. I appreciate you stopping by.

My name is Michael Dennis and I live with my family in Charlotte NC. I have been in Network marketing since 1992. My experience was not unlike so many other Marketers; I had great difficulty. One of the strangest things about the Network Marketing Industry is to many people join and fail! (So do a lot of traditional business 1 in every 10 business succeed) There are too many who are frustrated with the process and thinking of giving up on financial freedom.

I know what it feels like. fearful, frozen and paralyzed when it came to picking up the telephone and approaching strangers. Friend, I was losing faith and hope. I could not with good conscious invite strangers into something that was not fun and unproductive.

Do you know that most people fail? Because they don't believe they can do it, or they are taught erroneous things that just do not work, or they only work with part of a very small segment of the population. (I call this stupid Silly Nonsense)

Like most marketers I had three major challenges vital to my success, Recruiting, Replication and Retention. The main reason? I was taught to try to turn ballerinas into carpenters.
that does not work. (that will make a whole lot of sense if you decide to download, print and read the eBook) This method is ineffective and counterproductive. This Method will cause a marketer to lose several years of their life, their time, effort with the emotional toll of rejection, lack of success and growing frustration.

Add to that leaders who supports and defends the system instead of you; telling you "The system works fine, you are just not following the system". You know you are, and that leaves you feeling like your leaders are telling you that you are a failure; that, it's your fault you are not being successful. Friend, I know how much that can hurt, I've been there for many years believe me.

If I can help you avoid all of that, I will with my whole heart. no one should have to endure that in silence, being afraid to say anything because of what people might think. Don't let that stop you.

However, that was the past. I was offered an eBook, which I thought was going to be just like all the others, a lot of promise but deliver
no thing. So it took two years of people offering me this eBook before I decided to finally fill in the form, download the item and read it. (hey a lot of people have read it I might as well) Friend, have you ever read something that was true even though it is opposite of what you where taught, and the lights came on inside your mind, like when you turn on the light in a dark room?

That's how it was with me. But it was more like the paparazzi taking pictures on the red carpet at the Oscars. POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! POP! POP!
I was having rapid fire revelation, page after page after page after page. That eBook is named "Success In 10 Steps" by my good friend and brilliant Mentor Mr.Michael Dlouhy
"success In 10 Stepa

I was in tears. Tear of relief. You see, I had been beating myself up for years, blaming myself for my lack of success. My faith and hope was so low I'd almost given up. But I found out one very important thing that began to heal and renew me. The author of that eBook told me; "Your lack of Success is not your fault you are perfect the way your are" then he proved it. Friend I was in tears on and off for over a three day period, the relief was so great. I stopped beating myself up, it was not my fault. This FREE eBook was the turning point to my success In Network Marketing

I'd like to share this Free eBook with you and give you the FREE training that comes with it which will transform your business from failure and frustration to success and celebration. would you be willing to take one more chance to fulfill your dreams. We can guarantee you success in any legal network marketing company, if you are coachable Remember the eBook and training are FREE!

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To Your Heart From Mine, Let Your Success Be Your Fault

Michael Dennis
Coach and Mentor
Skype ID: Michael Dennis
A Mentor With A Servants Heart

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Frustrated by low results in your marketing efforts? Can't Get Momentum started? Don't blame yourself, It's not your fault
RE: Welcome to Network Marketing Education
9/6/2016 4:13:14 AM
Thank you for your 'frank post'

My personal marketing skills is a combination of growing up in my mother's brick & mortar business operations (3 cafe's and an adult social club); her community outreach (Eastern Star Matron and sponsored children Morning Stars); my own brick & mortar business (converted former pharmacy storefront in Philly, to a pinball social recreation center); BS Business Operations degree from DeVry and Financial Analyst studies at Keller Graduate School of Management.

The most enjoyable online "team building experience" developed on a traffic surfing site. I decided to promote my team and a couple of team leaders 'outside of the surfing community' ... I created the team banner


and was also TEAM ADMIN

Our collective objection was to promote 'our individual interests'

That was rewarding work with challenges from social site to social site.

The team banner is now revamped to an Open International Social Network,
solely to connect with people.


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