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Unlocking the door to your Soul Guidance Free Online Training
8/12/2016 10:56:21 AM

Have you felt all the energy these last six months as you've stepped up your vibration yet again? Are you wondering "What's next for me?" or "How can I take advantage of the higher vibrations to get on my soul path?"

You may have new opportunity (or people) show up in your life but you don't know what to choose. Your mind gets excited at the new ideas, but your intuition screams, "Do NOT go there!” and now you’re confused but you jump in any way!

Logically it looked like a good idea. And then what happens? A few weeks later when things are not going well at all, you ask yourself, "What was I thinking? What's wrong with my inner guidance? Why did I do this?”

You blame yourself for making a wrong turn and conclude,

"I guess I can't really trust my intuition!"

How would you like to exchange confusion and doubt for total clarity?

If you're ready to go directly to where you can find real answers to your questions, I've got something you're going to love - And it’s FREE.

My dear friend Lisa Barnett, bestselling author and founder of Akashic Knowing School, is conducting a FREE online training event where she will show you how to:

"Unlock your Soul guidance with 4 Vibrational Keys

Claim your birthright to clarity and confidence"

Join her and learn how to shift out of old troubles, doubts, and fears; and move into being guided by your soul self. Claim your birthright to divine guidance as you learn to trust that inner voice and realize that clarity and deep insights are available to you.

Friday, August 19th at Noon PST /3:00 pm EST/

8:00 pm GMT (UK)


Wednesday, August 24th at 2:00 pm PST /5:00 pm EST/

10:00 pm GMT (UK)


Saturday, August 27th at 10:00am PST/ 1:00 pm EST /

6:00 pm GMT (UK)


During this Call you will learn:

1. The number #1 reason why you are not receiving clear guidance on a daily basis.

2. How to open yourself up to receiving more of what you desire: money, love, health and more clarity.

3. An unexpected reason why you may not be feeling clear about what your next steps are. We'll release one of the most important obstacles to your expansion.

4. A simple technique to center and align with your higher purpose.

5. How you can tap into the direct guidance of your Soul through your personal Akashic Record Keepers

You will also hear the exciting details about Lisa's "Access your Personal Akashic Wisdom" course, a six-week tele-seminar that gives you profound tools and high vibrational keys to change your life. You'll discover your Soul's Library, the Akashic Records, and how they can help you bring clarity into your life right away!

Remember, attendance is absolutely FREE and you'll receive the tools you need during the call to change your life. If you can't make the calls, just REGISTER you'll get a replay.


I know you’ll love this! Congratulations for moving forward in this powerful way!

Working with Lisa is powerful. I was so lucky to get the chance to meet Lisa in person when I participated in two of her courses, last October, in Glastonbury. I came away a different "being".

Angel cuddles and much love to you,


PS. Know friends who are ready for change?

Send them here to REGISTER

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