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Directory Services
8/9/2016 5:45:46 AM
Directories have Hardware Shops in Chennai existed for a long time, in one format, or the other. The earliest directories where the various product lists that have been compiled by merchants all through human history. More recently we've had telephone directories, yellow pages style directories, web directories and now we have the dominant search engines. The advent of search engines has not removed the usefulness of directories, however, the role of directories in the search market has changed in response to the dominance of the search engines. Since a majority of people do a lot of their web searches via a search engine, individual directories are not going to deliver the levels of traffic that you might receive from a search engine. However , a directory listing will help you in other ways.

Well maintained directories, Computer Hardware Shops in Chennai that are also well linked on the web, are regularly spider-ed by search engines as a source of human reviewed qualitative websites. However, the search engine operators do not bestow this trust lightly. It would appear that not all directories are equal in the algorithms of the search engines. You might appreciate that its not too difficult for the programmers of these search engine Algorithm to maintain a list of directories that fit the bill. From your point of view, the trick is to be able to identify the characteristics of a directory that might find favour with the search engine algorithms.

Some indicators of a Computer Parts Dealers in Chennai directory in favour are; pages extensively indexed and cached , cache dates of the pages you check are reasonably recent, the listings in the directory are of sites that are well developed, and have substantive levels of content.


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