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7/31/2016 1:03:55 PM

Cooking isn’t just putting ingredients together and hopefully it comes out as planned. It’s not even about following a recipe. As I talk to people on occasion about cooking. Most say they are about feeding their family. Some even say I haven’t the time to learn how to make food better than I already am. Or learn about nutrition.

This may be true and in effect, possibly what most busy parents and family members believe. But how much more time does it take to really understand what cooking really is. How can we turn everyday meal preparation into an easy and enjoyable experience? Let me make it clear. In most cases the main ingredient is love. Nothing tastes better than mom’s love. At least in my opinion. Wouldn’t it be great if it could be bottled and sold as a seasoning? The second best and I give it a .01 percent difference is my wife’s cooking. However, mom’s and my wife’s love ads to our wellbeing and the family bonding when we dine together.

To add nutrition and taste, we all must learn to cut down on the so called unhealthy ingredients like sugar, salt, and heavy starches and to replace them with healthier ones. So when learning how to cook it doesn’t necessarily mean, how to make food better, but more like adding nutrition as well.

So here is the question we all must ask. How do I prepare healthier meals that look and taste as good? This is where learning is most important. I have been to the bookstore and realized there are many great cookbooks on diet and health. Most are very thick and somewhat daunting. And for a new mother and busy wife it doesn’t surprise me. It seems like gone are the days when house wives had a few less responsibilities and more time to prepare with those great meals.

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