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Make Money Online with Infographics
6/13/2016 9:37:14 PM

Promote Your Business with Infographics

mobile monopoly

This infographic is designed for the product Mobile Monopoly 2.0 Make money online with Mobile Monopoly the hottest new product sold online today. Adam Horwitiz shows you how to consistently earn 1,005.00 per day putting ads on cell phones. This infographic has been shared on blogs, Pinterest and the internet. When you click on the infographic you will be directed to the offer and sales page to view. This is an excellent way to advertise your affiliate offers, services and promotions through infographics


Divine Eats offers a FREE recipe Cookbook filled with delicious chicken Entrees, side dishes, drinks and deserts. This infographic was shared on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, advertisements, blogs and internet. Once your infographic is published it will be shared throughout social media driving free traffic to your affiliate offers. The affiliate makes money when someone clicks on the infographic that directs the consumer to the affiliate offer. If the consumer wants the FREE chicken recipe book they are asked to submit their email and then download a digital copy of the recipe cookbook. The Affiliate promoting this offer gets paid when someone enters their email.

money to be made online now

This infographic was specifically designed to be placed in Classified Ads and is smaller in size. This inforgraphic was designed for Earn Cash Yearly at a internet based business that sells profitable websites online that generates an income with advertising, Google and Clickbank. Once a consumer purchases a website package the consumer will receive a website, custom domain name and hosting. Advertisements will be placed on the website. The consumer earns money when someone clicks on the advertisement. Their profitable website will generate an income online even while they sleep. That is the power of the internet.

make money online

This infographic is posted on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, websites and blogs. Once a consumer clicks on the infographic they are directed to the website showing a video presentation and offering a method of making money online with a complete 300 page+ website. This infographic was designed at Once a design is published and goes public you can easily send out your promotions to social media with a click of a button. A well designed infographic can generate thousands of dollars in revenue and is considered an essential part of any online marking campaign.

Neil Petal Blog created one infographic that generated 19,000.00 online for his business. Click here to see examples of the graphics and illustrations he uses on his website Neil Patel shares his personal journey and now attracts 100,000 visitors to his website per month.

For great examples of infographics go to Google Images and search Infographics to get great ideas and insperation for your designs. CLICK HERE Follow me on Facebook. Leave me a comment

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