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Blogs, Podcasting and Vlogging Hitting Mainstream and Is Becoming Lucrative ...
2/9/2006 5:35:49 PM
Hello everyone, With all the StormPay and 12DP scandel talks happening I thought I would bring some good news and opprtunities. I was just reading this and I'll share it. =================================== looking for Podcasters/Vloggers Love golf? Have the gift of gab? Want to be seen by over 2.5 million readers? Read on. is golf's largest content syndicate. We syndicate golf content to online golf publications, web sites, newspapers and major network sites such as MSNBC. We provide content directly to and the two highest read golf travel portals online. We also syndicate content to as well as many other regional online golf publications including,, among many others. We are looking for several vloggers and podcasters who are interested in making a name for themselves. Want to be seen and noticed? Then join bloggers reach more golfers than any other web site or network in the world. We have a fantastic reach. When we launched our blog program, everyone was volunteer. Today we have two paid full time bloggers. Our bloggers enjoy comped travel and golf. We are looking for volunteer vloggers and podcasters. However, given the many advertisers in our partner networks, quality Vloggers will be given paid jobs to vlog about golf resorts, golf courses and products. If you know golf, have a comfort zone with various golf topics, then we are your foot in the door. To apply, go to Our network is a SIX time Forbes "Best of the Web" network. ====================================== I keep saying this is the future and here it is reaching into a major sport and a Forbes "Best of the Web" network. There is money to be made. You just need to do it. Newest Release: Podcasting For Fun & Profit! FREE Niche Report AlertPay - A BETTER Alternative to PayPal Coming soon "Ads By The Squares" Kenneth R Sword Jr Co-CEO - Bizzy Blogz Copy this link to your RSS Reader:

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Re: Blogs, Podcasting and Vlogging Hitting Mainstream and Is Becoming Lucrative ...
2/9/2006 11:24:34 PM
Thank you Kenneth. I have started playing golf 2 years ago - thank you for your links. ;-)
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Re: Blogs, Podcasting and Vlogging Hitting Mainstream and Is Becoming Lucrative ...
2/9/2006 11:39:01 PM
Well kenneth, i don't play golf, but this is wonderful. podcasting, blogging, and vlogging are starting to get huge.I see more and more uses for them every day. The good part is anyone can learn this technology easily. therefore the possibilities are endless.

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