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How to play the FLV videos with AllPepole Video Player on Mac
5/26/2016 6:40:50 AM
Before playing FLV, let us read what FLV and AllPepole media player are for the first time. FLV is a file format (extended Flash video format), mainly provide video content on the Internet. Specifically, is included in the video stream can be h. 263 standard or more advanced. AllPepole media player is also a FLV player, can play the FLV file. AllPepole media player is a good free Video Player, not only can play your FLV file, but also provides excellent function, for your personalized play, such as rotating video, adjust the color, change the playback speed, creating a unique playlists, add subtitles...

Download and install AllPepole media player. This free FLV player is the size of the light, this means that it costs your hard disk space is not big.

Portable video codec used to play the various FLV file

In most cases, the video on YouTube is FLV format. From YouTube video using simplified h. 263, usually for FLV1 and FLV4. AllPepole media player one advantage is that the free FLV player play FLV1 and FLV4 already and many other players can only support one type.

In order to capture in the process of doing

At the bottom of the window, click the "Snapshot" icon, and started taking screenshots. All the screenshot will be saved in the default folder, and you can edit the Settings from your needs.

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