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For video editing beginners - AllPepole Video Cutter
5/13/2016 6:22:40 AM
You can guess free video cutter from its name: it is a tool to cut the video files into smaller pieces. AllPepole Video Cutter, this convenient tool, allowing the extraction period from audio files (this process is also called cutting, trimming, and even split), in a simple way, because it allows you to use a visual representation of the waveform of load the sound file.

This makes it easy to detect you want to extract and deleted or saved to a new video/audio file fragments of start and end points. You can see, AllPepole free video cutter is great to remove unwanted parts, such as advertising, recording and create the bell, because it can be extracted from a song only your favorite part, as a chorus.

AllPepole free video cutter is very easy to use. Simple and self-explanation of interface, it can be used, even if the complete beginner without any problems. I also like the fact that the tool that supports a large number of input format, including the popular video formats and audio format. In addition, the video cutter can let you customize the bit rate of output parameters that one like, so it can also be used as a clean and reliable video converter. Last but not least, such as the effect of echo and decline can be applied to the load of the sound file.

In summary, AllPepole free video cutter is a very good video file of the dressing tools, unbeatable prices, is free.

Free download the app at Mac iTunes app store:


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