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Quick Little Survey For AdlandPro Members About MLM
4/29/2016 8:21:55 AM

I am gearing up to launch an exciting
new Non MLM Marketing company in
a month or so and am testing some ads
for our members to use. The video is not
up yet. But, if it was do you think you
would take the time to watch the video
based on what you see in this short ad?

Don’t Fall For The MLM Hype!.................................. See NOTE below.
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Don Evans
NOTE: MLM will not work for you! I can say that after 25 years in the industry trying to make it work. I had downlines of more than 10,000 people in two different companies and still lost out. Even owned my own company once. Still do. But, that does not work either. That is why I am developing a new Non MLM company. The link below is not the company I will launch soon. However, one post in the forum will show you why I and many other seasoned MLM'ers can say that MLM does not work.

The link for the post you need to read will not work here. However, if you go to the website, look under members and you will see me there. Contact me there and I will give you that link.

And by the way, if you are still not convinced that MLM will not work for you, and still want to promote your MLM company, That is a good place to make contact with potential new recruits. It's a good place to promote any other home business opportunity too.

Don Evans
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