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Why use AllPepole video player rather than other media player?
4/27/2016 6:07:32 AM
Still use Windows Media Player play a set of AV at the same time? I hope you can watch more video easily automatically on the same screen? AllPepole video player is here to save you!

AllPepole video player support multiple video broadcast at the same time, each screen up to 16 video again with automatic decoding speed of hardware and software support. It plays each video format is definitely there, so reduce the speed. The most important is that it is 100% free of wonderful people like you!

Why use AllPepole video player rather than other media player?

Due to the time to watch the AV is just too boring! Do you have a wonderful movie set? Wanted to quickly at the same time, convenient for multiple video? Don't need to open multiple instances of the media player manually loaded each video, and then try to their positioning in every corner of the screen well. Have you only want to watch movie, next time again?

This is really cool video player is to help. You can drag and drop on the screen can be any number of media files, and AllPepole video player will open automatically, and arrange the film, you use as much space as possible for each video, and provide a convenient interface to control one or all of them at the same time. In addition, you can save your favorite video in a playlist, and immediately to reload any time you want.

Finally, AllPepole video player is optimized using graphics as effectively as possible play video files are preferred hardware decoding, and using CPU whenever needed to take the advantage of software codec for maximum compatibility. You will like it to look at the AV like movie minority report by a great number of shortcuts. Go, give it a try. We assure you that you look at the AV can no longer be the same!


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