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Today let's share some video cutting tips
4/14/2016 6:11:46 AM
First, Video clips are necessary

Find out the best in the limited material expressions and actions of eyesight, clipping material and found that they are connected with the next picture of shear capacity, use of images and the ability to choose music, and making the plot of the melody and creativity. Editors have given by continuous static picture of the film to beat feeling, give life to the image. Editors will naturally in numerous lenses to find the best expression, find out which is the video cutting point, this is the clip sense of melody. At the same time of the whole works will slowly in the much photography. Through the material, see work face.

Second, find out the ways to cut point

To shear and the connection should be in what place? To find a place to shear is undoubtedly one of the important works of editors. Here is a little need to pay attention to; this is the vertices of the picture. Picture of vertices, refers to the picture, the turning point of action, expression, such as character arm fully extended, after a nod head movement at the end of the ball when rose is about to fall, recover the smile moment, etc. Consecutive images are a series of static images, because the film in people's eyes can form in front of the residual image, so the film picture looks is dynamic. Therefore, the more intense exercise, in the picture the vertex or to shear, moments before the action start can produce strong on the back of the film, the effect of the residual image left a deep impression to the audience.

Third, cut point that produce feelings of melody

Let us in the action of books; for example, look at the search for shear method. If from the state of the full stop start shooting, faithfully will double action taken from the beginning to the end of the book, so that viewers see can know is the action of books. But just let a person see is unable to reflect the image of the beauty, sense of rhythm and comfort also indispensable. So what to do?

We choose the initial shear point on the books already. If the books this action into 1 ~ 24 images, then put the front 3 ~ 4 pieces cut off, as a start point of shear. This change is to understand the movement does not have any effect. On the contrary, still can show the action rhythm feeling and comfort. This clip method can be applied to other images.

Fourth, film editing, the correct method is not only one

There is a little hope you don't get, its shear point is not the only one. Turn to the middle page can be used as a cutting point; double action is close to the end of the book can also serve as a point of shear. According to different work, the images of different before and after shearing points can change. The correct clip method is not the only one. Clip has its fixed form, of course, a few appointments, they can be said to be the rules of editing. To understand these rules is very important, but because the clip itself is a creative work, so sometimes also can break the rules, make some new attempt.

Fifth, the purpose of cutting

Liberation from the physical constraints, control of time and space: sometimes need to split the lens in the photography and productions, behind them form a plot, omitted in the story of the actual time, ellipsis in the story of mobile space.

Intention combined with performance constitutes the plot, to determine the final appearance: a destination for lens connection, to express clearly, emphasize the content, sequence and structure of the lens more closely, and highlight the plot elements.

Sixth, the fixed rules of motion clips

When being filmed objects for mobile editing methods. Action connection, it is to point to the motion of the photographed object of clips.

Once upon a time, often because of the change of film was interrupted for an action, but with a different lens connected the same action, effect is extremely smooth, look impressive. It is said that this is the origin of the clip method.

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