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3/15/2016 8:20:23 AM
Click Intensity is going to be one of the largest most successful revenue sharing and social media advertising platforms set to launch March 16, 2016. Click Intensity is going to be mistaken as just another revenue sharing company but they offer so many more opportunities .
Click Intensity is in Revshare Sites categories across the internet but in fact it is more than a revshare.
There are 5 separate income opportunities through Click Intensity:
1. Completing Cash Tasks
As a free member or a paid member, you will be sent at least 10 cash tasks per day. Each of these vary in compensation but the more coin packs you own (explained below), the more cash tasks will be sent to your back office.
2. Earning From Profit Shares
Each $25 Silver Coin Pack earns you 1 profit share in the company and you are paid until your $25 is returned 120% into $30.
3. Personally Referred Member Sales
Anytime your personal referrals purchase a Silver Coin Pack you earn 10%.
4. Team Income
From your personal referrals all the way down to 6 below them you are compensated 5% for any transactions they make on Silver Coin Packs.
5. Back End Sales
When anyone below you purchases premium advertising such as login ads, solo ads, pop-up ads, etc, you are compensated 5%.
Site will generate income from these type of features. It is in pre-launch phase until 16th March 2016. Position yourself now.
$ Some benefits of Click Intensity are:$
1.Making money is simple.
2.Get targeted traffic to your product or opportunity.
3.To help you build a massive team of people from all around the world doing the same things and make commissions.
With so many new features in revshare industry, we believe that Click Intensity will be a good choice. And the great news is that there is NO PAYPAL. So, no trouble with accounts. I had this happen to me the first time I was in a revshare. PayPal took my money and everyone else’s.
$ Click Intensity Details: $
Nick Johnson is the CEO/Owner of the site.
There will be $25 packages which will expire at $30 in 30 days.
The script is not a ready-made script, it is a custom one.
7 Level Deep commission structure.
I will be updating the post as I learn more please feel free to go here and sign up free to get in on the ground floor.
$ More launguages Movie $
Spanish - Russian - Chinese and
more to come....

-- What is Clickintensity --
*English ver
*Spenish ver
*Russian ver

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