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RE: 24 secrets of cancer survivors
2/17/2016 7:41:34 PM
Yes Diane, eating less white sugar is good, but less should be lesser. Ha I have tried so many kind of Stevia, but the one I like the best is Simple brand. I mixed with the monk fruit and I can't tell if it is not sugar.
I have started using it in pies and cakes too. I don't eat that much of pies and cakes like I use too. Rather have a fruit pie more then anything,

However I do eat dark chocolate candy, but am trying to cut back on that too.

I watched The Biggest Loser last night. The M.C was showing him how many pounds of sugar he ate. Over 400 pounds in a year. Since he was here on the show he had 1 glass of wine which was 2 cubes of sugar.
I like that show, because they really help people lead better lives with the weight they have lost.

The M>C> said watch that sugar, "it is poison" I was told that many years ago and I thought the guy was crazy, funny how you learn the truth.

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