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I Live in the Absolute
11/20/2015 2:27:48 PM

I Live in the Absolute

Kathy Mathiason, RScP

The Daily Prayer 11.20.2015Kathy Mathiason, RScP - I Live in the Absolute

“Success and happiness are ours when we deal with Absoluteness. This is the attitude that we should have.”

Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

I Live in the Absolute

I believe in the one Presence, one Spirit, and one Unconditional Love in the Universe. I call this Presence, God. I think, feel and live out my ceaseless awareness that God is all there is.

I am one with this Presence. I know that my life is God’s life. There is no separation. And so knowing that God is always whole and complete, I let go of thinking, talking about or focusing on any problems in my life. I only know that I am God individualized and that my greater good is always right here, right now. I know my good is full, limitless and now. I actively know, live and express the Truth at all times, without exception.

Spirit within me knows and accepts my good. I love and rejoice in the uniqueness of God as me. I am fully aware of the power of my thoughts and attitudes, so I make sure that each and every thought represents God in action. I fill every moment with love, joy and enthusiasm. Knowing that God lives through me I live in peace and relax into my wholeness. I dare to be my Self, glorious idea of God as me.

I am so grateful that this peace dwells within me. And this peace and love with in me is an out picturing of everything and everyone in my life. I walk, talk and think in gratitude.

These thoughts and words I release into the law knowing that as I have spoken it is done. And so it is.

Kathy Mathiason is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

Sunday Services are held at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. at 4374 Alexander Blvd. NE, Suite T, Albuquerque, NM 87107.

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