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AllPepole Mobile Swap review: one-click phone-to-phone swap tool
10/27/2015 5:56:24 AM
Mobile Swap is an application of AllPepole which aims to back up your phone content, or swap from one phone to another.

The layout of AllPepole Mobile Swap is clean and simple, so you do not have to fumble around trying to navigate. Hover over the icon for details, and then select what you want to do: to swap data from one device to another, back up data, restore data, or erase data.

I chose my phone data backup. It took around five minutes before all of my options is loaded I can even start the backup. Once ready, I can choose what I want to project backup: photos, music, video, messaging, contacts and calendar. After another 10-15 minutes all the data backed up, and then I would be finished.

Download at AllPepole Official Website:

This is a handy program, if you have two phones, you need to synchronize the different platforms. This is a simple way to load your contacts, text messages, and other content from one device to another. If you lose your content, you can perform backup and restore from a backup, before long you have used the program. The layout is clean and simple, but it does claim to do the basic things that have to cope.

Overall, if you are in a pinch, you need a way to probably the easiest way to swap content from one device to another (insert both devices, and then click a few buttons), which may be useful. Besides, it's just an additional program to back up your data.

Download at More AllPepole Software at APP store:


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