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A Lesson in Forgiveness
10/12/2015 1:56:30 PM

The Daily Prayer 10.12.2015

A Lesson in Forgiveness

Alicia Hanlen, RScP

Alicia Hanlen, RScP Taos, NM

Let us contemplate the idea of forgiveness, for my heart tells me we can always use a tune-up on this matter. And what is forgiveness if not just a way of seeing each other as ourselves, doing the best that we can, occasionally falling down, but picking ourselves up, brushing off what we no longer need, setting our intentions in a new direction, and moving forward. We may get angry with the crack in the road that caused us to fall, disappointed with ourselves that we were so foolish as to not see the crack, or sad that the proprietor of the road did not take enough care to fix it. But nonetheless, we need only to look within to see that we, too, in our lives may have caused a “crack in the road” for someone else.

So with great gentleness and compassion, at this very moment as we reflect on what went before, with ease and through grace we let go of past grievances, trusting and knowing that they no longer serve us. We release any sense of tension, guilt, or shame about the past. We forgive others and, as importantly, ourselves, for any transgressions, mistakes, omissions, or lapses in judgment.

Take a deep breath right now and let this thought resonate within. Feel it. Own it. And then release it. And now we are free, cleansed and pure of heart. We greet our unfolding path forward with a sense of total commitment to the development and manifestation of our dreams and aspirations, knowing that Spirit is right where we are – cheering us on, providing inspiration, motivation, and all of the needed resources for the realization of those dreams.

And as we know this truth for ourselves, so too we know this very same truth for all people everywhere, for God knows no limitation or lack, and there are no boundaries to the abundance of Life.

With gratitude in our hearts, we bless each person on their path, as individually we go forth refreshed and revitalized, eager and unafraid, as we meet and greet the day with thanksgiving and boundless joy.

Alicia Hanlen is a Practitioner at the Taos Center for Spiritual Living

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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