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Creative Expression is Who I am!
10/8/2015 2:01:45 PM

The Daily Prayer 10.08.2015

Creative Expression is Who I am!

Ardy Reed, RScP

Ardy Reed, RScP

In this world of Creative Expression, I revel in the realization that it comes from our Amazing Creator!

This Amazing Creator gives the gift of Power, Joy, Artistic Mastery, and Love. It is our destiny to be that Creative Expression expressing as our Creator has intended us to!

Living in this realization, I know that you and I have the ability to allow the endless flow of creative expression to pour through the center of our being, enlighten every sight we receive, and bring forth artistic expression in every endeavor we choose! I can see, feel, and taste the deliciousness of perfect art expressing as each of us and sharing all of these gifts with those we experience throughout this day!

It is so glorious! It is so wonderful to see your mastery, and my mastery express in perfection, joy, power, and love! It casts a wonderful, warm, glow that brings joy to all of those we are blessed with in this glorious day. And as we experience life, the enthusiasm of WHO WE ARE shows up so magnificently that all those around us can’t help but notice they have this wonderful gift inherent within them as well!

I am so grateful that our inner-light shines on all those around us! I am so grateful for the contagious, wonderful, and brilliant enthusiasm that we share with the world in our own perfect, artistic mastery!

I release my word knowing the law always manifests precisely what I speak into it and this is our wonderful gift right now!

It is here! And so it is!

Ardy Reed is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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