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God is Constant
10/1/2015 1:42:58 PM

The Daily Prayer 10.01. 2015

“God is Constant”

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP

God is Solid, Constant; the One Certainty; the Dependable Provider. The Generous One. For Spirit, The Source of all things, is Trustworthy. He is the Loyal One. The One who is ever sure of His Creation. God created us like Himself and Knowing His own Purity, was and is Ever-Faithful of His Creation. God is Foolproof, and being so, is Steadfast in the Knowledge of who and what It created.

It created us. Our life breath is spirit; it is the divine life force, the pulse of God and the heart of goodness. Who and what we are is these divine expressions of holiness. We may lose our way, we may be clueless as to the truth of our own magnificence, but we cannot ever obliterate that truth, for God would never allow His children to remain lost. Heaven is assured. It is the gift from the Great Creator to His great creations.

So in this moment, I recognize that gift; I recognize that the outcome is certain. Heaven is our birthright. Heaven is our destiny. And that destiny is right here, right now. In this moment, all I need do is claim it and it is mine. All I need do is open to the miracle of the God space that surrounds me. God willed that His Children be with Him and orchestrated this life is such a way that everything is used for good ultimately.

Every seeming sorrow contains the seeds of joy. Every seeming heartache is the birthplace of the opening to ever greater love. Every seeming conflict, the space where peace hides amid the love that God Himself blessed that space with. The One Certainty, God, can be counted on to make blessings from everything. Lemons will always become lemonade. Manure will always be fertilizer for the flowers. God is a bottomless well of inspiration, raising triumph up for all to gaze upon. He is the shoulder that can always be leaned upon. No sorrow is too great. No pain too deep.

God is Constant.

So I recognize this truth and give thanks for this realization: I can count of God. I give thanks that my words are always heard and my prayers are always answered. I can count on God, to hear me and give solace, to nurture me and lift me up when I start to falter. God is Constant, and I fall to my knees in thanksgiving, knowing that I am in the Presence of unfathomable Love. I give thanks that I have this faith and I give thanks that during moments of doubt, that God will carry me. I need only allow. I need only allow.

And so I do. I let it go. I surrender my ideas of what I think things should look like and I just allow. I know It is done, for Thy Will is Always done. Done beautiful. Done with love. And So It Is. Amen.

Nancy Bowers is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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