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Extract Audio from a Video File with Video Converter
9/28/2015 3:33:54 AM
Sometimes you may need to extract one from your home video audio, can use it to listen to audio player - a portable MP3 player, for example. If you use our AllPepole Video Converter, it can be very easy. Learn how to do this follow these steps:

Specify source video file

After the download is complete, run AllPepole video conversion file, and then follow the installation wizard instructions. To specify a video file that you want to extract audio tracks from the imported video press the button at the top of the Video Converter main window. When you select a video file and press open, import audio tracks will appear.

Mark the part of the audio track you want to extract (optional)

If you want to appear at the end of the video part of the track only five minutes, you'll need before making the next step, to commemorate the necessary audio portion.

To mark the extract, follow the track steps:

[if !supportLists]u [endif]Switch to the Editor tab, and then double-click your file. Track will be visualized on the right side of the area;

[if !supportLists]u [endif]Click and drag to highlight the portion of the waveform display you want to keep track of;

[if !supportLists]u [endif]Press TRIM key - in addition to all the audio from the selected portion of the track is removed.

Select a format for the resulting audio file

Now switch back to the Transition tab. Press the corresponding button on the Formatting toolbar, select the desired output file format. Access personal information online help edit the page to learn more about how to adjust output format settings.

Start the conversion

Finally, click on the convert button and wait until the process ends. Duration will depend on the file size, output format settings and your computer configuration. After some time, you'll find this file in the specified folder. Enjoy this process of listening!

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