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If I could put Time in a Bottle…” JIM CROCE
9/24/2015 1:38:30 PM

The Daily Prayer 09.24.2015

“If I could put Time in a Bottle…” JIM CROCE

Dianne Martin, RScP

I Am Aware - Dianne Martin, RScP

There is only one source, one first cause, eternal life. Within the eternal clock of God that flows through me is productivity, efficiency, mindfulness, consciousness, and passion.

I am blessed with enough time. And, as I know that is true for me, I know that is true for each person reading this prayer.

Time is a human measure in which I can define my experiences. However, with God time is not a thing in and of itself. So, in living my human experience, I manage my time efficiently so there is enough available for the most important activities in my life. Time literally expands to allow me to express myself in whatever way I’d like…time to write, to dance, to sing, to paint, to excel at my job, to spend time with my family, to travel or whatever is important to me. I am not afraid to ask for help from my co-workers, my spiritual community, and my family knowing that it is not only a gift to me to receive their help but it is also a gift to them to allow them to help me. My productivity soars as I release all limiting beliefs such as there is not enough time, I’m too busy, I can’t possibly squeeze in one more thing. Instead, I KNOW there is enough time for all the activities that are important to me. In God, I live a conscious and passionate life. I review every part of my life and release anything that no longer serves me. I release any activity that does not feed my soul. I know that everything I do is enlightened by the one eternal source. I approach each activity knowing that everything I do is intimately connected with the God presence in my life. I feel divinely led to the right activities.

I am grateful knowing that there is enough time. I know how to manage my time and to eliminate tasks that are taking up unnecessary time and for that I give thanks. Thank you God for providing me with your eternal clock.

Accepting that there is enough time, I let go.

And, so it is.

Dianne Martin, RScP

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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