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Peace Deep Within is Mine in this Very Moment!
9/21/2015 1:52:04 PM

The Daily Prayer 09.21.2015

Peace Deep Within is Mine in this Very Moment!

Ardy Reed, RScP

Ardy Skinner, RScP

The Powerful Presence of God is in the center of my being– it is Peaceful, Tranquil, and Rooted. Knowing this Presence is all of these things, I also know these things to be true for me.

I am peace, tranquility, and rooted in this very moment– for this one presence is in the depth of my soul. And just as I know this is true for me, I also know this is true for you!
Living in this realization, I know that anything unlike peace is immediately transformed into tranquility. Like the lake that is as still as glass, so am I! Anything unlike tranquility falls away– the ripples move outward and the stillness runs through every cell of my body. Stillness runs through every thought, experience, and action throughout this peaceful and perfect day! I am rooted in the knowing that nothing shakes me– I am strength, peace, and tranquility in this very moment!
I am so grateful that we live this realization throughout our day today and stand in the strength of this truth! As we do, others are touched deeply by it and receive the inherent gift that is their’s too!
I release my word knowing that peace, tranquility, and rootedness is ours right now!
And so it is!

Ardy Reed, RScP

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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