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One Divine Intelligence in All
9/15/2015 2:18:34 PM

The Daily Prayer 09.15.2015

“One Divine Intelligence in All”

Linda Martin, RScP

Linda Martin, RScP -- Practicing the Presence of NOW

I recognize there is One Life, One Source, One Divine Intelligence in all, through all, is all. I call this One, Good…God. Everything comes from this place of wholeness, perfection, and mystery. I recognize this beauty in every plant, every animal, every thing that is seen and unseen. This incomprehensible “thing” that is endless, eternal…simply is. Abundance and prosperity, safety and protection, creativity, excellent, radiant, health, laughter, joy, healing, success, $$$$$ and on and on and on…me, YOU!

I align myself with this magnificence for I’ve come this Source and I know everyone reading these words come from this place also. I affirm and declare our lives are full of an endless supply of good. These gifts of health, abundance, prosperity, creatively, safety, protection, Love go on and on and on. Our talents and gifts are expressed in unique ways bringing about changes within ourselves, filling us up with self-confidence and a sense of personal satisfaction. As we change, changes occur throughout our community and flow into places we’ve never dreamed of. Spirit is doing for us what we never thought possible. We are all channels for good. As our Light shines, others are inspired and lifted into a bigger way of thinking and being, realizing thoughts are bigger than any ideas of limitation. More and more everyday, there is a great healing and a higher level of consciousness occurring across the globe. Lives changes instantly as beliefs change. They are changing NOW.. Life is good!

I give thanks for this knowing that ongoing good continues to flow into individuals lives. As individual are uplifted, the planet glows with deep appreciation and grateful in knowing we are all together as ONE. I release my word into the Law knowing my words are complete and done. All good flows back, greater than ever thought possible.

And so it is!

Linda Martin, RScP

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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