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Remembering happy memories can lower your depression
7/8/2015 2:27:47 AM
Think back to a happy memory. Maybe the sun was shining, maybe you accomplished something or maybe the memory was a celebration. Now think of how you feel when you remember this memory. You probably have a warm feeling inside along with a slight smile.

Thinking back to fond memories make us feel good and new research now suggests that travelling down memory lane can help lower your depression.

Positive memories may help improve depression

The new findings were published in Nature and they reveal that positive memory is linked with a boost in mood.

Positive memories may help improve depressionThe research was conducted on male mice. When the male mice were with female mice neurons were activated in their brain because they were enjoying themselves. For 10 days after the male and female mice encounter, the male mice were isolated from the females. During that time the mice didn’t struggle when picked up by their tails and likewise drank regular water and ignored the sugar water – sugar water for the mice was commonly preferred.

Through light stimulation positive neurons in the mice were once again activated – similar to their experience with being with the female mice. Over the course of six days the researchers flashed the lights more frequently. On the last day the mice remained motivated and positive even without the light stimulation. Essentially the male mice were no longer depressed as the light stimulation had created lasting positive effects on the mice.

The researchers concluded that those with depression find it difficult to recall positive memories. But when stimulated it could elevate their mood. Of course the original research was conducted on mice and depression in humans is a bit more complex, but this research does hold some promise.

How exactly positive stimulation can be implemented in human is still complicated. Some researchers suggested surgery may be required but that is invasive. For now we are left with the idea that thinking back to positive memories prior to depression may help improve mood.

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RE: Remembering happy memories can lower your depression
7/10/2015 4:14:00 AM
Music helps me. It is like the diary of my youth, young adult, adult, and maturity. I am getting tolerant of music my young adults and teenaged grandchildren like. I love sharing that some of their new music is a remix of tunes, I grew up on.

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