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Here's another ad I have
3/13/2015 12:52:33 PM
Hello there, Hope You Are Well !!!!! REAL AD, NOT A SCAM OR PIPEDREAM!!!!!

My name is Jessica 27 from Ft. Lauderdale. I have a social media presence on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram... I am looking for a nice person, investor, or benefactor to help me achieve some goals in my life that are necessary, not a waste of time or money. I live in a tough situation in which I live with "old school" people that don't like my hobbies which is social entrepreneurship, caring in a humanitarian way, retail selling/buying, and family friendly entertainment services.

I need someone to get me a place to live, a car, and a business plan payment.

In return for your help I will provide a partnership with you in my company idea, get some profit out of it - return of investment or collateral or some of the products at a huge discount in the near future, social media services, and do some jobs for you...

Please be kind and write me back. This ad is legitimate and I really need the help.... I will pay it forward to all people that ask me for help in future when I have a business up and running.....
Jessica H. Michel

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