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Must-know tips to recruit foreign workers.
3/4/2015 8:09:34 AM
In the integration trend, more and more businesses looking for manpower from abroad

To successfully attract foreign candidates, you should pay attention to two factors:

First, the choice of recruitment channels: The most popular channel for recruiting foreign candidates is headhunter services thanks to a lot of experience, the approach opportunity as well as "technique" to invite this group of candidates to participate in. In these kinds of companies, who in charge of recruiting candidates usually are direct management of the vacancies for easily exchange of duties and job’ requirements. However, it should not be ignored online recruitment or buy data base to find the most appropriate candidates.

Second, write a job description: Foreign applicants do not like the huge difference between what is described in the job description or what is exchanged earlier in the interview process and the actual work. Therefore, a clear job description in accordance with the strategy and objectives of the company will attract the attention of the best candidates. When select applications, employers should focus on the experience of the candidates in the same position in the previous company, because there are many foreign candidates cannot work with foreign companies due to differences in culture, working style, though they have the expertise to apply high position.

There are three criterions to attract foreign workers

1. Who has ever worked in foreign companies realizing the great advantages here as a high income, professional working style, there are many promotion opportunities. In particular, the work environment will help employees to improve languages and communication abilities. This is desired jobs for any youth who has recently graduated.

2. Another attraction is wages are quite higher than domestic firms. At the same location, an overseas company usually pays 2-3 times higher than a domestic company. Besides, most of foreign companies have the remuneration for employees such as training programs in the country or abroad, travel, insurance at a high level, etc.

3. Many young people also prefer to work in a foreign company by the "intense" competition environment but fair and based on the capacity of each person. The work environment is considered to be ideal if it meets three key elements: The friendly relationship between employer - employee and colleagues; income is equal to capacities; having the opportunity to learn and grow, foreign companies often secure three criterions above, create a good environment for attracting and retaining good employees.

However, not everyone is successful to target career advancement in foreign companies. Requirements of the foreign companies are very strict: Employees must speak language proficiency, have a long experience and good management skills, good communication, capable of teamwork, work under a high pressure.

Before deciding to apply to a certain company, you should learn about the culture and way of doing things or policies of the company. With preparation and professional knowledge, your work experience, you just have more confidence, ability to express, handle situations and more proactive in demonstrating your abilities as well as take your best chance to your work in foreign business a lot easier.


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