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You Can Become A Member For Free With Our On Fire Company
12/4/2014 4:05:12 PM
Yeah, I have to say I have found something that I love being a part of. The product I take everyday and love and the marketing and team I am with is the best I have come across in being in the industry for over five years now.

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John Priestley

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RE: You Can Become A Member For Free With Our On Fire Company
12/7/2014 8:11:22 PM
Hi there!

Now, that looks distinctly like an advertisement. How about telling us something about what it is and what it does? Why are you a member and what is it dong for you. Have you earned any money and what does it take to become successful? What does the free entry level actually give you and do you have to invest money to actually get anything out of it?

You turn...

Best regards and looking forward to hearing from you soon, John.
Onward and upward,
John Priestley
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