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Angel Cuddle Healing and my new journey
8/18/2014 3:40:45 PM
You can get a free Angel Cuddle Healing Taster here!

I’m leaving tomorrow for my annual spiritual journey. This will be the third one I’ve done. The first was in 2012 – I have notes and photos for that one which I will be putting on my Angel Cuddle Trails site. That included Mont Saint Michel, and places in Cornwall including Saint Michael’s Mount and Menacuddle Holy Well.

In 2013 I went to Glastonbury, Cornwall sites, including re-visiting Saint Michael’s Mount more intensely. I also went to Avebury. As my two youngest daughters were with me, some videos were done too, showing me connecting above and below and sharing angel cuddles and love via the energy grid and dragon lines.

This year, I was visiting two energy portals in North France, Carnac and Chartres, and returning to Glastonbury and Cornwall, and finishing at Stonehenge. But at almost the last minute, I was guided to go to the Isle of Wight instead, where there are some dragon lines and energy spots. I’m still visiting Carnac and Chartres, but then going to the Isle of Wight for a number of days, before finishing at Stonehenge. I have already got the tickets for Stonehenge, as you now have to book in advance. What happened to the conditions that were stipulated when the owner of Stonehenge donated it to the nation? Free public access was stipulated, along with the prohibition of other buildings or barriers near the monument. That did not happen.

I will be taking notes and photos and hopefully doing some videoing when I share the angel cuddles. Then I’ve made a goal to document all visits on Angel Cuddle Trails.

Meanwhile, while I’m away, I’m taking bookings for one on one Angel Cuddle sessions. They consist of a healing/coaching/consultation where I channel the energy, sometimes angel messages, and show you ways of accessing the angels and healing for yourself. I’m eventually going to be doing an online program with this in mind. Some of the modules have been begun. When there’s enough material I will start the program. You’ll have the possibility to dissolve your own pain issues. Fantastic!

For now, as it’s not always convenient to do one on one sessions I’m beginning to make recordings of healings. You can experience a free Angel Cuddle Healing Taster if you go to this page. I’ll be gradually putting together a number of specific healing recordings that can be purchased on my site and listened to at any time. They work no matter when you listen to them. I asked the angels how I could share Angel Cuddles with more people, as one on ones are only helping one person at a time (although that isn’t strictly true, because when you are lit up and energized on a higher frequency, the people around you feel and absorb that state of being too – their hearts will be touched/opened because we are all connected).

The angels inspired me to do recordings so that I can facilitate more people than just one to ones. Of course, they are available 24/24 every day, which isn’t possible with one on ones. It doesn’t matter what time zone you or I are in and the price is more easily affordable for more people too. Wonderful. At the moment, there’s one healing audio for purchase on the site. Others are coming soon.

Don’t forget to pick up your free angel cuddle healing taster on Angel Cuddle Trails.

Angel cuddles and much love,


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