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5/3/2014 5:11:00 PM


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Feel free to contact me on skype (jesse.josserand or jacgllc), or facebook or twitter (jessejosserand),

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Webinar specifics are below.

Yours truly,

Jesse Josserand
Owner, IM Profit Systems and Sr. Consultant
Josserand Ace ConsultinG (JacG)tm

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This webinar is the deal of a lifetime for all those interested in starting a real online business. It will show you The RIGHT Way To Online Income From Home! It will show you the Fast Track To Online Cash! It will make available to you all the training you need to succeed, provide access to the products to make that possible, teach you to create your own products and how to sell it all, as well as show you how and where to get the targeted traffic (interested buyers) you'll need to make sales!

Free gifts will be given to all attendees. These, alone, could get you started if you choose to go it alone after the webinar... BUT ... if you join us, you'll receive 1-on-1 training with our owner, Jesse Josserand, an Internet Marketing veteran since 1998, who has been on the Internet since it was called Arpanet and who has 43 years of Industry-wide I.T. experience... and over 200 websites of his own in every major niche! That's not all you'll receive! When you join us, you'll be joining our Private Premium "Team of 200", to whom full access will be given to our over 190,000 PLR files and more! Our PLR library is updated weekly and is actually being added to as this webinar description is being typed (4/28/14 920pm CST)!

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This webinar will be repeated FRESH, in person with Mr. Josserand hosting, NIGHTLY until the "Team of 200" is full.

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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