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More Info about My Company Idea
4/17/2014 11:06:59 AM
You can call me anytime before 10 pm EST at 954 439 8340.
Hi, my name is Jessica H. Michel from Cooper City, Florida. I am very unique, creative, and like to help the communities at large whenever I can.

I am an educator, future entrepreneur, social media educator, and a humanitarian who wants to help in any way I can. So, I started a future idea/company called JHM's World Full Service Company. I want to help the homeless, poor, and other people in this world, including low income and middle class families. I am looking to network with people on a local and international scale to help get this business idea started. I live in Florida where there's about 500,000 unemployed people. Anyway, I wish to find people to support my business idea which will include joint venture, sponsorships, many fun activities, educational products and services, include the Chamber of Commerce, have a radio/tv show focusing on humanitarianism, Spirituality, and other good things that are positive.

I am wondering if you or anyone will know of people that could help me form a profit and non-profit company that will be international and maybe a franchise?
I am still in process of writing a business plan. I have a business card design getting printed too.

Have a wonderful week, and I promise to help out wherever I can and maybe even partner with you. I work part time in social media....
Jessica H. Michel

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