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Two Great Programs Click Voyager and WebBizInsider!
2/24/2014 5:17:44 AM

Hi Adlandpro Friends,

I just sent the following message to all 625 of my personal downline members in WebBizInsider.
You can earn a downline member every day just by surfing 50 or 100 pages. I seldom miss a day of doing that.
More about
WebBizInsider in a minute but 1st here is the message I sent:
Hi WBI Friends,

I just received the following message from Click Voyager:

Congratulations! You won 679credits!

There has never been a better time to join Click Voyager. There is no other traffic exchange that rewards you more while you are surfing. The page you go to for credits is all about the benefits of surfing on Monday.

You get 24 hours of 50% more credits for every click. You get a chance to win a Platinum Upgrades.

Check it out and join!

I am paying it forward!

The next person to JOIN receives the 679 Credits after verifying their email address and earning 200 points. Trust me it does not take long to earn 200 points.

Your sponsor,

Ken Wolff

join WebBizInsider


Earn a free upgrade served on a silver platter:

free upgrade!

Just surf at least 250 pages on Sunday and you are given a free 7 day upgrade. Do that every week and you earn more for your Clicks. Time is Money, use it wisely.

There are so many awesome things about Click Voyager I do not know where to start.

Here is another one:

CV Letter Hunt!
The games are fun and the rewards are big and happen often while surfing. What again do you like most about Click Voyager. Click the New Reply below and add your testimonial. If you are in my downline I will reward you with 100 free credits.

Hey Surfer!
Hey Surfer

You can also get 100 credits each if you accept the bribes that I have offered:

1. Splash Page 1 claimed 9 to go.

2. Splash Page 10 to go.

3. Splash Page 10 to go.

4. Splash Page 10 to go.

If the links to claim your reward do not work, send me a message and I will make sure you receive your rewards.

Join the fun!

Join Click Voyager and then

join the
Click Voyager Team in AdLandPro!

Ken Wolff

The Soaring Eagle Team

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