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Invite Me as a Friend
details to finding friends
1/8/2014 9:36:16 AM
1/8/20144:15:30 AM
Anything worth doing is worth doing right. First check the forums,groups,and
Community page for active members.

Now the hard part:
Go to the orange/yellow link on the far left of your page.Click on my links.Choose home, then new users.

Make a page in Notebook for Adlandpro. Put up a Let's be friends note.Copy it.

Now start with page one.Click on the little people icon on each picture block and paste your message. Hit send.

These will be the very newest members to arrive.The new babies. Invite all of them to be your friends.

I was gone over a year.I spent 4 hrs. doing 100 pages.But that is just me. The better your message is, the more they are encouraged to come back and give Adlandpro a try.

Most are lookers.They need encouragement to stay.These messages go to their email.

I upgraded.Then put up a few forums.Invited the new members to be my friend and offered them help.
Here is my message.

Welcome to Adlandpro. I will help when I can.Just inbox me.
The basic building block of any Community is your friend's
Look 4 new friends in Community,groups,forums,& the New Member list.
I will be here most every day.No ads,just help.

Mary Bird Foxybird

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