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YouPlayWePlay syndicate
12/19/2013 2:52:14 AM

This syndicate existing from 2006 ofers playing on UK Lottery ,Euromillions and Thunderball.

"....Our fast, easy and free registration is processed instantly upon application.
Each time you choose to purchase a ticket, our sophisticated Lottery Sydnciate System immediately allocates you a place in the next available syndicate.

We will email you confirming your entry, along with details on how to view your allocated Syndicate. Your dedicated member support center is available LIVE 24/7/365.

No registration fee. No deductions from your winnings. No hidden costs. No commitment. No contract. No small print....

The partecipants of the single syndicate groups of 50 persons have a share part of the winnings.
I'm following"YouPlayWePlay"on Twitter and can confirm they regularly tweet about the winnings made of their partecipants.. nothing big but yet Icon_biggrin

Join, enjoy Lottery game !

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