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About GOLDENTOWNS Gaming concept
11/2/2013 1:40:05 PM

GoldenTowns is an economic, political and military simulator in which virtual gold can be converted into real money or exchanged for real gold. The game relies on a paper published by Mr. Vlad Cristian (CEO ANNO1777 Labs) in 2011, describing a deflationary economic system in which the amount of virtual currency is fixed and 100% covered by real gold. In GoldenTowns there is a limited amount of virtual gold (100.000 GoldenTowns Coins or GTC) which is distributed gradually, at a constant pace, to the players. The entire amount is covered by an increasing amount of real gold, measured in 24k ingots.
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The Game Mechanisms
In order to understand how the game economy works and how you can maximize your profit, you need to review the essential mechanisms. The raw materials and their extraction represents one of the most important aspects, however, raw materials are extracted using manpower, and manpower requires houses and services which, in their turn, consume raw materials. The Game Mechanisms Chapter will help you understand the economic grounds, the main indicators, and what you need to do in order to enjoy a faster development.

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Town Development
First of all, GoldenTowns is a construction simulator. You initially receive a small village which you have to develop into a prosperous town. A larger town signifies more resources and more virtual gold, that is more real money. You will spend most of the time building roads, houses, factories or managing an ever increasing number of workers. Town development will represent the main activity during the first weeks in the game. The chapters entitled Vegetation and Roads, Building Management and Building Types will guide your first steps in erecting the town.
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One of the most important aspects of the game is represented by resources. Resources are extracted and consumed in order to extract other resources or gold. Each resource or gold transfer leaves a transaction behind. You can find out about the most recent transactions, the number of available workers or the bonds that delivered the greatest money figures to you in the Inventory section.

The game is also an economic simulator. You can sell or buy resources, gold, soldiers, shares in other towns or government bonds. The economic system is based on virtual gold and the fact that it is available in a limited amount. However, the rush for gold will have you use a lot the product market or the financial market. What do you do when you have too much iron and too little wood ? Where do you buy workers from ? How can you obtain an income and how do you put to good use speculations with shares and bonds? The list of questions is very extensive and the Market chapter may prove to be a real help.

GoldenTowns is also a political simulator. The countries in the game are identical to the real ones and ruled by a government. If you have a sufficiently developed town, you may end up ruling the country together with your partners in the game. Anybody can become a governor, it only takes time and a little ambition. Countries may come into conflict and wars are waged for gold and profit, the larger conflicts being able to involve a significant number of towns. Matters such as how to reach the top of the hierarchy, what to do to become a governor and how you can turn politics into gold are discussed in the Politics chapter.

Wars are commenced for profit and profit leads to other conflicts. War constitutes an important element in GoldenTowns and may represent a good source of income. As long as a town is conquered by you, it will pay taxes. The more towns under your occupation, the higher the gained profits. In addition to your receiving taxes, the government will provide you with bonuses. In GoldenTowns towns belong to a country. Countries bear the names of real-life counterparts and, just as in real life, conflicts may occur between them, involving numerous towns. If you take part in a war and fight for the winners, all the towns in the conquered country will start paying taxes and these taxes are received by the victors. This is an extraordinary source of resources and gold. Still, in order to conquer a town, you need soldiers, who are consumers of resources, and international conflicts require strong armies. The War chapter reveals how to develop a fantastic army with which to conquer the world.

The Affiliation Program
The town, wars or the market are good sources of income, but also time-consuming. One of the easiest ways to obtain immediate and certain profit is represented by the new players you can bring into GoldenTowns. The affiliation program allows you to recruit new players. Once they are registered, these will pay permanent taxes, regardless of the occupation they may find themselves under. They can not only bring you immediate profit by means of taxes, but you can at any moment sell them to other players. In the game, you have a personal link which may be distributed to friends or in other popular places. Those who register using their personal link become your affiliates. In the Affiliation Program chapter you find out how to use your personal link, the identity of the most recent affiliates, how you can sell them and other details designed to help you in enhancing your incomes.

Gold Extraction
We mentioned several times that the main attraction in the game is gold. Gold can be obtained in a myriad of ways, but the main one is mining. To extract gold you need gold mines. Only towns with a happiness degree exceeding 50% can extract gold. Additionally, the extraction of gold represents the highest consumer of raw materials. There is only 100.000 gold in the game, which will gradually become available for extraction. Details on how to extract gold, how much it is worth and the exact mechanism by means of which the game distributes a relatively stable amount to the miners are aspects discussed about in the Gold Extraction chapter.

Gold Tradingr
You have worked a lot, you have a big town, you have sent troops all over the world, tenths of towns are occupied by your troops and you have fought tooth and nail for each gold coin and now you want something tangible. You want real money or even real 24k gold. Those who buy and sell gold from the players are called gold traders. You can sell your gold to traders for real money or you can request that the company managing the game deliver to you real gold in exchange for virtual gold. If the town’s happiness degree is 100%, you will, in turn, become a gold trader. You can directly post gold purchasing/selling orders for real money. you can find out in the Gold Trading chapter how this process takes place, the risks involved by moving a lot of real money from one location into another or how to directly make profit in real money.
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