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Doug Woodall

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Ah, Success !
1/19/2006 1:12:40 PM
Joint US-Spain cybercrime operation a success 19 Jan 2006 ***** The Spanish Civil Guard has revealed that it has detained one person and is questioning four others as a result of an investigation into a hacker attack on a US Navy computer. The operation, named "Navy" by the Spanish investigators, was started after a computer belonging to the Port Loma navy base in San Diego California was breached. This seriously compromised the security of the nuclear submarine dry dock, where the affected computer was located. Information security personnel at the base detected the attack and immediately informed the Naval Criminal Investigation Service. Preliminary investigation showed that the hacker was operating from Spain. The Spanish authorities were informed through diplomatic channels, and the Cyberterrorism Unit of the Spanish Civil Guard took up the investigation. Clues led the cyberterrorism unit to an organised hacker community which had participated in a large number of hacking incidents in Spain and across the world. The main aim of the group was to break into computers and steal data. The investigation focused on a 19 year old member of the group, a student who was resident in Malaga. According to the Civil Guard, he was responsible for hacking into the US Navy computer. Sources close to the investigation state that the student was able to evade security measures by simply scanning for IPs and open ports. It is estimated that the group caused damages of over $500,000.
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Re: Ah, Success !
1/20/2006 11:25:13 AM
Doug Thanks for the invite for your success story Linda

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