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The Global Gallery Conference
9/27/2013 6:42:26 PM
The global marketing of the prints will target 160 countries. Based on an average of just 3,125 prints per country, the inaugural Global Gallery Conference would take place in London England. If you would like to become an Affiliate and become more involved by referring 50 or more print buyers, you would be invited to attend the four-day conference in London with a guest, all expenses paid and $1,000 each to spend. The conference will highlight the positive community work being done by this movement to promote peace and positive principles worldwide and will be attended by Hollywood Celebrities already aligned to The Global Gallery. The Gala Dinner will be a red-carpet black tie affair with international press and media covering it. The first 200 Affiliates who refer 50 print buyers would be invited to attend the conference. Groups or organizations would receive an invitation for two people to attend. This would be repeated with every 50 prints purchased as part of the fundraising campaign.

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