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How To Promote Your Business *** TIP #1 ***
9/16/2013 11:20:31 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am JLouise. I am a Mom. Entrepreneur. Website Designer & Developer. Graphic Designer. Database Developer. Mobile App Developer. Short Commercial Producer. Voice Over Specialist . AND, Virtual Assistant. I love doing what I do, and more importantly, I love assisting my clients with accomplishing their design goals so they can go out and make that extra income for their family.

I have a total of 5 Tips I would like to share with you, however, I don't want to make the thread too long, so I am going to break them ALL down into their very own thread with explanation ... Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I am here to share my knowledge & to help!!!

The one thing I stress to all of my clients is that if you're waiting on me to develop/ design whatever it is you're planning on selling to others, before you start up your marketing / promo plan ...


No literally. They are wasting their time...

Tip #1 :

The BEST time to Promote your business, product or service is while that business, product or service is being created.


a) Because social media isn't an instantaneous tool. It takes people a while to grab onto what you are doing. So the sooner you build up the habit of using social media to promote, the better. Also, it leads to the NEXT why...

b) It builds anticipation. Psychology 101 : People want what they can't have. So the sooner you build people up on why they need what you have, however, they're going to have to wait a little longer because we're tweaking it, the more people are going to want it.

c) It will motivate you to follow through. How many times have you started working on something and for whatever reason, you didn't complete it or it took you longer to complete it than anticipated? RIGHT!!! It's happened more than once huh?

Well, promoting your product is going to build anticipation. People are going to tweet you about it. People are going to text you about it. People are going to email and call you about it. And guess what? And in the end, this is going to motivate you to get it done!!!

I hope this was helpful. I will be back Next Monday with "How To Promote Your Business *** TIP #2 ***

Best Regards,
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