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Your stories
9/11/2013 9:59:07 AM

Submit your stories about the most beautiful places and lands you have ever visited, post myths, legends, secrets, photos, related to these places.

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Starossel - The Tomb of Thracian
9/11/2013 10:07:25 AM
The Tomb of Thracian, near the village Starossel is a cult complex and is located in Hisar Municipality, District Plovdiv, Southern Bulgaria. The archaeological finds in this area show the evidence of ancient settlements 7-8 millennia ago. In the V century BC here was situated the ancient Thracian settlement with powerful warlords and rich local aristocracy.
the-tomb-of-thracianLe complexe de culte thrace Chetinyova Mound.jpg
The area around the village Starossel has 9 tombs with unique architectural elements and colorful decoration. "Kozi Gramadi" is a Thracian architectural complex of V-IV century BC. It is located in the Central Forest, 20 km north of the mounds of Starossel. The complex includes several monumental buildings, surrounded by a wall. The central building was the residence of the king. There are many coins of the Kings Teres II, Kotys I, and Amatokos and a symmetrical double headed axe (Labrys), a symbol of royal power of the Thracians.
Le tombeau thrace Starossel
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