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Nick Grimshawe

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Simple Times
8/14/2013 5:19:10 PM
peaceful scene

This is the first post to this forum in some time...well a long time. I hope you enjoy the simple message. Nick

The last two or three weeks I have been talking simplicity, integration and alignment.

This weekend I was reminded of the truth of simplicity as I worked away in the
garden doing simple things, like weeding, and planting and tilling.

Later the theme popped up again, as I sat having a wonderful lunch of some lettuce leaves
a little chunk of Parmesan cheese, a campari tomato, a few olives and a wonderful green
olive oil. I had the meal on the deck outside open to the breeze and the sunshine and the birds.
This simple food tasted sooo delicious.

And life lived simply tastes delicious too.

Of course it sounds lovely those words, but how do you get to that place?

I believe the answer lies in living in this moment as much as possible.

Being here now, eliminates so many complications.

Try these simple words when things begin to get a little too complicated in you day.

"I am here, now."

Say them to yourself a few times until you find yourself coming back into the moment.


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Branka Babic

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RE: Simple Times
8/14/2013 5:42:15 PM
With a big big joy I welcome you back Nick! You and your brilliant notes, pics, quotes and all inspiration that you share with us, have been missed so much.

Thanks for bringing the rays of your Beautiful Summer Mornings back to #AdlandPro!

Love and hugs,

Roger Macdivitt .

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RE: Simple Times
8/14/2013 7:45:00 PM

Nick, always a pleasure to see and hear from you.

Good uplifting stuff. I had a challenging day and needed that.

Thank you.


Luis Miguel Goitizolo

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RE: Simple Times
8/14/2013 11:46:38 PM

So glad you are back, Nick. Welcome!


"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life" (Confucius)

Luella May

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RE: Simple Times
8/21/2013 2:14:18 PM
Nick, beautiful words! Thank you.

Welcome back my friend............... The "old crowd" coming back and merging with the new. Just beautiful!

God bless you my friend.
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