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This is a test of the WonderMailer System!
8/7/2013 11:33:31 PM

Hi Soaring Eagle Team members and friends,

I just sent an invitation to 1,000 of my randomly selected friend in WonderMailer to join
The Soaring Eagle Team In Adlandpro

Hi WonderMailer Friends,

I like all of Maryanne's programs. There are still some that I have not joined so consider me a hot prospect if you want a referral.

Speaking of referrals, how would you like to build a downline to infinite? You can now do that in the Soaring Eagle Team on Facebook. You could probably do a search in Faceebook and get to that page but it would be better if you clicked through "The Soaring Eagle Team In Adlandpro" forum.

If you are not a member of Adlandpro, go here to join:

The forum you go to for credits will explain the steps to take to build a downline to infinite. Find this message in the Index:

"This is a test of the WonderMailer System!"

See you in the forum and on The Soaring Eagle Team In Facebook!

Ken Wolff

OK Here it is! Steps to take:

1. Click the buttons on the The Soaring Eagle Team In Adlandpro

2. Click the button on The Soaring Eagle Team On Facebook!

3. Scroll down and review the programs introduces here and join at least one that you can see that will help you in your business. Do your due diligence and learn all you can about that program and come back and place your affiliate link as the latest to join. We will all work together to find your first referral on this page.

4. Feel free to add a program here that you are excited about. The only requirement is that it must be a marketing tool that will be of benefit to everyone who joins.

5. Invite all of your friends and followers to come here and go through the steps to build their downline to infinite.

6. Post a message in this thread about anything for the good of the team.

7. Add your testimonial of how this is working for you, ask questions, or suggestions.

That is it! I like endings with my favorite number "7."
Ken Wolff

The Soaring Eagle Team

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