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My personal journey through mold hell..
7/10/2013 1:13:59 AM
I have been very busy collecting mold stories from other people and sharing them with media outlets and such,,, trying to get some help... Well,, I have rarely ever told my own story so here it is,,all but the last 2 years... I will add that if anyone is interested... " My saga began nearly 6 years ago when I moved into my first moldy house in Sligo Pa.. Within days I began to have unexplained health problems.. I was losing my balance and my hearing. I was actually falling down while trying to do things like cutting the grass and other daily tasks around the house.. I went to Clarion Hospital several times and they never found a cause.. This lead to 6 years of going from DR after Dr and never getting an explanation for my disorder. After a couple of months I was diagnosed by one Dr with late stage Lyme disease. I was admitted to the Butler VA Hospital to begin a 6 week treatment program of IV antibiotics..I stayed in the hospital for the first 19 days of the treatment and was then sent home with an IV pump and instructions on how to administer these drugs to myself.. While in the hospital I was improving so it looked like we were on the right track.. Within days of coming back home the symptoms returned and were even worse than before the hospital stay.. About this time I got in touch with a medical pathologist through a friend of mine named Iris Hardin who had suffered extensively with toxic mold illness. Dr Croft explained to me what he had learned over 24 years of research on mold and mycotoxins. He told me what I would need to do to combat this illness and he predicted every single problem that I would face over the coming years if I did not get the proper treatment. None of the treatment for mold was covered through medicare or the VA system.. In fact,, mold related illness as I learned later was not even considered to be real by the medical community or the VA. I could not afford Dr Croft's treatment protocol on my own and I was following Dr Croft's pattern of declining health over the next several years to the t. Over the next 4 years I was admitted to 7 different hospitals for a total of 29 visits ranging from about a week to 3 and 1/2 months including stays in nursing homes and rehab units. There were over 60 Dr's involved in my care and treatment and I received probably 25 different diagnoses. Some of these included lyme disease,,copd, bone marrow cancer,, leukemia, MS,, neurological and central nervous system problems,, digestive and immune system problems, deafness and complete loss of balance, cogans disease , and several others.. I endured 3 strokes and aquired 3 blocked arteries in my heart . Also I have undergone several surgeries.. One where a baby sized abcess was found in my stomach and removed. It was discovered at the time of this surgery that part of my colon had been destroyed and had to be removed also.. After going to the ER with stomach cramps and inability to have bowel movements for several days I woke up 5 days later on a ventilator with a bag attached to my hip. Later on,, my colon was reattached and things have appeared pretty normal after that.. I also had surgery a few months ago at the VA hospital in Pittsburgh for a cochlear implant to restore the hearing in my left ear.. My right ear is nearly completely deaf also but the VA will approve only one implant. Some of the others symptoms that I have been experiencing over these 6 years are mini strokes and I have had as many as 15 episodes of these in a single day. In the 2nd moldy rental I began coughing.. I coughed about every 5 minutes for a year and a half and was diagnosed with COPD most likely caused by smoking. I suffered with diarea for nearly 2 solid years. I have had cluster migrains associated to eye problems. This covers most of what I have been through since that first exposure to toxic mold. I am happy top say that I am partially recovered now though the use of some natural supplements and extreme avoidance of mold. I have also developed a milder case of MCS. Certain chemicals and food additives will trigger an autoimmune inflammatory response which causes severe pain throughout me body. I began my road to recovery after seeing an Alternative Specialist in Asheville N Carolina but I was only able to see him one time because of the out of pocket expense so my treatment program was very limited. Since his antifungal treatment that followed a period of detoxing and a complete diet change I began to slowly recover.. In fact, I no longer have any signs of COPD and 2 of the blocked arteries in my heart are now cleared. I feel I owe my life to Dr Croft and DR Wilson in N Carolina. Dr Wilson is reluctant to put anything in medical records about mold other than candida and yeast because the FDA tends to look down on Dr's who actually treat mold related illnesses. Many other Dr's that treat mold illness have come under investigations by the FDA for practicing unaccepted medical protocol.. Dr Rea in Dallas is a very good example of what happens to Dr's that go outside of accepted medical practice and there are many other examples.. These Dr's save lives and yet are persecuted by govt agencies for their beliefs in alternative forms of medicine,, This gets into the politics of mold and involves corporate corruption on many levels starting with the large drug companies that seem to have control over the entire health care industry in this country.. I do not know if you want to get into the politics and corruption of mold science but I have a lot of information on this topic also.. I am happy to have you helping us with increasing awareness about the mold epidemic and perhaps this could lead to much needed research and new treatment options for those of us who are suffering.
As I have stated in previous correspondence with you,, I have an Advocacy group for mold victims on Facebook. We have about 350 members now and all of them have a story similar to mine. I wish to share some of those stories with you in later correspondence for the sake of giving these people a chance to be heard in a world that will not listen to them. These people suffer horrendous disability and financial loss and nobody will listen to them.. I promised to try very hard to get all of their voices heard.. Many are living in cars and tents because they have lost their homes, their jobs and their health due to exposure to toxic mold.. They have been denied benefits and treatment because of the lack of acceptance of the real science of mold by the medical community,, the insurance companies and the government. I hope and pray that you can bring awareness to this situation and help us get the recognition ,, the understanding and the research that we need to help us improve our lives. Thousands of us are suffering and many of us will die from this and so far,, nobody has really paid attention.. Thank you kindly for your time and consideration of this matter and I look forward to further communication with you.

PS.. I have had mold testing done at 2 of the residences I have lived in and I will forward the results of those tests to you in another message. These will perhaps tell the tale even better than the pictures.
May a smile follow you to sleep each night
and be there waiting,,,,,,,when you awaken

Sincerely, Billdaddy ( William E. Vanderbilt
May a smile follow you to sleep each night and,,,,,be there waiting,,,,,when you awaken Sincerely, Billdaddy

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