Get a website that pays you virally
6/9/2013 6:40:30 PM
If you market online, you need The Viral Franchise. Why?

The Viral Franchise is not just a simple way to recruit people to sell them on the idea of earning a recurring income from Franchise fees.

The Viral Franchise allows you to promote up to three programs, products, or services utilizing the link addition feature.

Lastly, The Viral Franchise is a list building system. As is the mantra of Internet marketing: "The Money Is In The List."

When you build a list of leads, you have a ready-made audience to whom you can market.

At a cost of only $7 per month, it is the most cost-effective way to advertise online, notwithstanding the fact that that cost and more is recoverable when you sell a franchise to others.

I hope that the foregoing provides insight into The Viral Franchise's marketing value.

Harold F Washington
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