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Do you wanna share of $2,000,000 in commissions? Details inside!
5/29/2013 3:16:48 PM
Hi friends, how r u? Me, well I'm better than I deserve ha ha as Dave Ramsey would say. Now this forum is for discussing many programs, including but not limited to:
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Empower Network Team, $2,000,000 (we hit the mark in just 56 days!)

by | on May 29, 2013

I wanted you to see something important

Rising from the ashes of defeat, many…
…like you
…have been frustrated, felt hopeless, and in despair, yet somehow
overcame, and after just 56 days
…got paid their two millionth dollar in commissions…
…in just 56 days :)
There are three things that you need to have in your business,
if you want the river of abundance to flow to you like water…
First, you want to have a product that everyone wants to buy.
Second, you want to learn the critical ‘secret keys’ to selling
lots, and lots of that product…
Third, you want to over-deliver on your promise, giving people
even more for their money than you actually promised.
Because when you do those three things…
…all that’s left is to decide to take massive action
…and money can flow to you like a river.
I’m not saying that making money is easy
…I’m not saying that everything is going to be absolutely, totally simple
…I’m not saying that riches will come to you instantly…
Because that wouldn’t be telling the truth…
…and that’s not why we helped people make almost $2,000,000 in
commissions in the first 56 days
…it’s because we taught them the secrets, they listened, and more than
just deciding to take action
…it’s because they see the vision
…it’s because they decided to do whatever it takes…
…it’s because they realize, that it is not just about getting lots of money -
- getting money is easy
…when you learn the secrets, and are selling a great product, and are
getting 100% commissions
(Yes, 100% of it all…)
…it’s more than that.
A plan to help hundreds of thousands of distributors in hundreds of companies
make more money, recruit more, and have a better life…
…and you get to learn it all for free.
Take action.
Decide To Just Get In.
See you on the Beaches of the World!

Steve Hauser, Runningman,, or

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