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The witch doctor
5/24/2013 5:38:32 AM
After a lot of players to see the witch doctor in D3 said: "witch doctor with Necromancer like, so Necromancer can retire." We are trying to get in front of witch doctors are not the same as in any occupation. Witch Doctor is a very aggressive job, as we see in the video in WWI, almost all of the monsters are not being summoned to kill the witch doctors. But they are directly hit by witch doctors to get d3 gold. This is the witch doctor with a Necromancer essential difference, Necromancer summoned creatures is his main source of offensive output, while the witch doctor summoned creatures only used auxiliary. I can tell you is that, do not expect any "Diablo 2" or "dark one" in the other occupations in the "Diablo 3" appears.

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