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5/13/2013 11:43:18 AM

Just in case you have not heard about it, Zeek Rewards (ZR) developed a revolutionary new kind of compensation plan that forever changed the "Work From Home" industry! The 3 big things about that pay plan were "Revenue Sharing", "Componding Interest" and the fact that people got paid on a daily basis.Those three things created some of the biggest paychecks the industry had ever seen! Some affiliates reported earnings of THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars every single day!

That all came to an abrupt end though when Uncle Sam (USA regulatory authorities) closed them down for running an illegial pyramid scheme. The problem there was that it was really just a money game with no real product or service. And that's important. If there are no real products that people like and buy even if they are not involved in the business, the government is going to close them down!

Introduction To JubiMax.

JubiMax has developed a compensation plan much like the one ZR had (even better really) except that this one is backed up with some HIGH QUALITY products & Services! And rather than give away free bids for one of those penny auctions, or sell advertising space on some website, JubiMax actually pays it's members to give away free products!

We don't talk about return on investment or componding interest or passive income at JubiMax. This is not an investment program. We don't talk about spillover either where you have to fill a matrix to earn the big money. That's all hype. This is a real company with real products. However, our powerful new revenue sharing compenation plan makes the one ZR had look small in comparison! We get paid 10 differenty ways. It is absolutely awesome!!

You will also be glad to know that there is no recruiting requirement. This is the place where "Joe and Sue Average" can finally earn the big paychecks without ever sponsoring even one new member. NOTE: We do have some good commissions for those who do promote.

There is no cost to sign up. However members must UPGRADE by purchasing inventory to give away before they can participate in the daily revenue sharing. You can start with as little as $100 or you can go all the way up to $2,500.

As a JubiMax member, you will have the very best in customer support & Training! Top notch. All the way. You will see all of that in your back office as soon as you get signed up.

You can watch a short 5 minute video introduction & sign up here.

Help Yourself While Helping Others!

Think about this. I gave away $275 worth of these great products to my daughter and my grandson, AND got paid to do it!

JubiMax Webinars.

We have JubiMax opportunity webinars several times throughout the week and there is a special promoters UPDATE from the president every Monday night. You can register for the opportunity webinars here.

You can register for the Monday Night Update Webinar here.

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